Virtual group Class

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You are looking for an fun activity to do with your family, friends, colleague? I have a lot of crafty options for you. Each class are going to be on ZOOM or any meeting application you want. It can be for only 30mn and up to 3 hours.

A kit including everything you need for each class and each participant is going to be shipped prior the class. If you prefer to find your supplies by yourself it’s also possible. Shipping fees are between $3.5 and $8 depends on the class you are choosing.

If you want to schedule a class, please contact me by email to this address: and provide these informations: number of participants, which class you are thinking about and any informations that you think could be helpful.

A price for the class is going to be emailed to you as soon as I am receiving all informations I need. This price is going to include material fees and shipping fees and a price for the class itself per participant.

Intro to embroidery – Custom your own item

This class is great for beginners that just want to have some fun, it’s about customizing your own item (cloth, hat, tote bag, etc). This workshop fits especially for beginners and for people that just want to try embroidery to see if they like it. We are going to learn just few stitches (3 to 5 depends on students projects).

Student can also choose to make an embroidery project on paper.

Basic embroidery

During this workshop, I am teaching to the students up to 10 different basic stitches thanks to my kit (that I am also having for sell This one is more for people who really want to learn embroidery for a specific project. This workshop fits for beginners but also for people who already try it but need some help to improve their embroidery practice. Students can also think about their own project on any support (cap, t-shirt, paper) they want to do embroidery on and I can help them to find the best way to do it.

Embroidery on printed fabric

This workshop is more about what I am doing with my embroideries. To see more pieces I made, you can take a look to my Instagram here. I am going to provide a piece of printed fabric with the picture(s) you choose. It can be a picture I already worked on or it can be any picture you want to work on and students are going to learn between 3 to 10 different stitches it depends on if you want a 30min or 3 hours class !

Punch Needle

This workshop works really well. Learning embroidery can be long and frustrated but learning the punch needle technic it’s really fast, so, more fun! This workshop fits for kids (maybe not before 10 years old) and for everybody, even if you don’t have any craft skill! It can be perfect for knitters as well to find a way to use their leftovers of yarns.

Students are going to make a 8″ or 10″ punch needle embroidery.

Rainbow Macrame

This is my new kind of workshop! This one is another way for knitters to use their leftovers. It’s more crafty but still perfect for fiber lovers. This one can also fit for kids. It’s easy and pretty fast to make it.

Students are going to make a 4 colors rope rainbow.